West-Central Forage Association

Forage Research Coordinator

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Melissa Howard

Forage Research Coordinator  

Melissa grew up in the Edmonton area but moved to New Brunswick to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Environment and Natural Resources at the University of New Brunswick, graduating with a specialization in Water Resources Management in 2013. She went on to complete a Master of Science in Renewable Resources at the University of Alberta. Her research focused on the accuracy of erosion prediction and modelling -using rainfall simulation and large plot natural rainfall observations, from recreational trails in the Southern Rockies of Alberta. 

After a brief stint with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry’s Bee Team Melissa moved on to controlling and eradicating invasive and problem vegetation in Alberta’s industrial sector.

Melissa has a never-ending love of research, environmental sustainability, and environmental education. She is an in-training member of the Alberta Institute of Agrologists (AIT).

Melissa spends her free time gardening, hiking, exploring the native flora and fauna of Alberta, winemaking, preserving foraged foods, enjoying the creative arts, and translating science and environmental subjects in numerous mediums.

Cell: +1.780.542.1797

Email: agronomy@westcentralforage.com