AgriProfit$ - Farm Business Analysis

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August 22, 2018

AgriProfit$ - Farm Business Analysis

AgriProfit$ is a program that beef and crop producers participate in to get a personalized analysis of their business. All the information is averaged for an industry picture, but each individual business’ information is kept confidential and only for the personal use of the participating operation.

It is making a difference for your friends and neighbours – hear it from them on the AgriProfit$ video.

The AgriProfit$ Program is designed to help producers gain insight into what is contributing to their operations performance and provides cost and return analysis. And you don’t do it alone, experts are there to help you with gathering the information. In return for participating, producers receive financial and production performance reports that identify opportunities for efficiencies and areas for improvement. The program is free and individual information remains confidential. Aggregated results are published and used for benchmark comparisons. 

 AgriProfit$ has adopted some new technical enhancements to make it easier to use and improve results interpretation. Knowing your cost of production is a starting point for profitability and each year is different because it reflects the relationships between yield – price – costs and the operation’s financial situation. 


For more information and to enroll in the program go to the AgriProfit$ webpage

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