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WCFA Director Positions Available

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February 23, 2018

Interested in becoming a WCFA director?

WCFA is always on the lookout for members who would make good directors. Each year there is a mandatory turnover of part of the Board. Are you interested in contributing to the success of the organization and impacting our community at large? If so, here is some basic information about WCFA and our directors:

Our Vision: Expand our capacity to connect and develop our community through information exchange.

Our Mission: WCFA enhances forage system knowledge to enable the achievement of integrated farm management goals.

Role of Directors: To “Direct & Protect”

  • Provide strategic leadership of the organization
  • Governance and oversight responsibilities for operations
  • Advocate for the role and benefits of the organization in the community
  • Help generate innovative ideas and concepts of value to the community

Expectations of a Director:

  • Actively participate in board meetings (8 to 10 per year)
  • Willingly share your questions, experiences, ideas and knowledge
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude towards life-long learning
  • Assist in the development of projects and extension events

Benefits of being a Director:

  • Interact with and learn from industry leaders and innovators
  • Attend learning and personal development events

Directors are elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting. A director’s term is 3 years with the option of running for a second 3 year term. For more information on WCFA directorships, please contact Melissa Freeman, General Manager, at 780-727-4447.


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