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Annual Cover Crops Variety Trial (2018)

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Annual Cover Crops Variety Trial (2018)

In 2018 WCFA conducted a cover crop variety trial at both our Wildwood and Brazeau County Forage Research Sites to evaluate annual cover crops for grazing purposes. 

Utilizing cover crops by planting them early in the growing season can provide producers with improved soil health, a high quality source of forage, and a longer grazing season. This extended grazing season can result in saved feeding costs providing additional economic and environmental benefits. 



Determine dry matter yield and quality on annual cover crops. 




Trial Information

2018 Trial Summary 

The trial was seeded using a small plot Fabro disc seeder in 5 rows at 22.5 cm spacing (9 m by 1.14 m plot area). Seeding was conducted on June 7, 2018 at our Wildwood Site and on June 8, 2018 at our research site in Brazeau County. Soil testing was done and used to prescribe fertilizer applications and a pre-seed herbicide application was applied.  

10 different varieties were seeded at each research site. Varieties used were: 

  • Union Forage Ultimate Blend*
  • Union Forage Relay Blend*
  • Union Forage All Brassica Blend* 
  • Italian Annual Ryegrass
  • Vivant 
  • Gorilla
  • NS Double Cover Crop Blend*
  • Performa Concentrate Blend*
  • Frosty Berseem
  • Fixation Balansa

*For information on what is contained in each of these mixes please refer to the report below. 

The plots faced an excessive amount of precipitation, on the Wildwood site in particular, during the month of July which prevented us from collecting significant samples from each repetition. Nevertheless, samples were collected from our Brazeau County site. Samples were sent to A&L Canada Labs for quality analysis. 

To view the full report please download the PDF below:

Annual Cover Crops Variety Trial 2018