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National Industrial Hemp Variety Trial (2018)

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National Industrial Hemp Variety Trial (2018)

WCFA conducted one of the sites that participated with the National Industrial Hemp Variety Evaluation Trials led by the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance (CHTA) this year. WCFA’s plot was established at NW 14-049-09-W5M, on our Brazeau County site. This research evaluated the performance of 11 hemp varieties nationally. 


The objective of this variety trial was to determine the viability of hemp in the region as well as to determine the dry matter yield and quality on five grain and six dual-purpose type hemp varieties. It was also intended to demonstrate hemp to stakeholders in the area and educate producers on hemp production and how it could potentially fit into their operation. 

Trial Information

2018 Trial Summary 

The trial was seeded using a small plot Fabro disc seeder. Seed was placed directly using the seed drill to a depth of a quarter inch, in 1.14 meter by 9 meter long plots in a complete randomized block design.

Eleven varieties were tested during the trial. The varieties used were: 

  • Joey*
  • Canda*
  • CRS-1*
  • Altair*
  • Silesia*
  • Anka*
  • Grandi
  • CRS-1
  • Katani
  • X59
  • CFX-2

*Indicates dual-purpose variety type. 

Seeding was conducted on June 7th at our Yellowhead County Research site and on June 8th at our Brazeau County Research site. A pre-seed herbicide application was applied at both sites as well prescribed fertilizer applications according to soil test results. Data was collected from our Brazeau County Research site.

To view the full report please download the PDF below:

National Hemp Variety Trial 2018 Report