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Regional Silage Trials

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Regional Silage Trial 

The Regional Silage Trial was initiated in 2009 with six Applied Research Associations (ARAs) and Forage Association (FAs) participating with funding from the Alberta Beef Producers from 2009 – 2011. Since then, the Regional Silage Trials have continued to be a valuable resource for Alberta producers through current, unbiased regional information on annual cereal yield and quality for forage production. The ability to assess varieties and species regionally, allows Alberta producers to make the most economic decisions for their farms productivity and profitability.

These trials continue to evolve with the ever-changing needs of producers. Starting in 2020 alternative crops will be evaluated for yield and quality along with a number of winter/spring cereal mixtures. 


Partners (2020)






2020 Trial Information 

14 barley varieties, 10 oat varieties, 10 triticale varieties, 12 Winter/Spring cereal mixes, 10 alternative crops and 12 pulse mixtures were to be evaluated in 2020 for yield and quality at WCFA's research sites. Nine additional sites were evaluated by other Applied Research Association's. 

Barley Oats Triticale Cereal Mixes  Alternatives Pulse Mixes
CDC Austenson CDC Baler Taza Prima/Austenson  Chicory  CDC Austenson (Check)
AB Advantage AC Morgan AAC Awesome Prima/Baler Forage Brassica CDC Baler (Check)
AB Cattleac AC Juniper AAC Delight Prima/Taza Forage Kale  Taza (Check)
AB Wrangler CDC Arborg AAC Paramount Wildfire/Austenson Forage Radish Austenson/CDC Meadow
Altorado CDC Haymaker AC Andrew Wildfire/Baler  Forage Turnip Baler/Meadow
Amisk CDC Nasser AC Sadash Wildfire/Taza  Japanese Millet Taza/Meadow 
Canmore CDC Seabiscuit Alderon Bobcat/Austenson Phacelia Austenson/CDC Jasper 
CDC Bow CS Camden Bunker Bobcat/Baler  Plaintain Baler/Jasper 
CDC Cowboy Murphy Sunray Bobcat/Taza  Red Siberian Millet Taza/Jasper 
CDC Maverick ORE3542M T256 CDC Baler (Check) Sorghum Sudangrass Austenson/Snowbird 
Claymore     CDC Austenson (Check)   Baler/Snowbird
SR18524     Taza (Check)   Taza/Snowbird

Due to moisture levels at the Yellowhead County site, the pulse mixtures did not get seeded. The alternative crops were seeded in late July at the Yellowhead County site and did not mature enough for yield or quality data to be collected.

The barley, oat, triticale and winter/spring cereal mix trials were seeded June 11, 2020 at the Brazeau County site. Yield and quality data was collected for these in September. Results will be available soon. 



Past Trial Results

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