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Soil Moisture in Forage Systems

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Soil Moisture in Forage Systems 

Utilizing weather stations with attached soil probes, this project is looking at differences in soil moisture profiles in various forage & cropping systems, and the overall usefulness of these technologies for forage producers. 

Soil moisture will be measured at 6 depths to 100cm, and each station will be equipped to log temperature, wind, precipitation and leaf wetness. Stations will be installed in annual silage, perennial silage, permanent pasture and annual cropland sites. The first stations will be installed in the spring of 2021 and the project will continue until 2023. WCFA is working closely with Martin Deerline and a number of local producers on this project. 

Curious to learn more? We discussed this project a little bit more in depth with Peace Country Beef and Forage Association on their "Coffee, Cows and Crops" podcast! You can listen to the episode HERE

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Photo from martindeerline.com